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Jeffrey Erickson, President

The President is instrumental in managing and organizing the Executive Board and the organization as a whole.

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Cory Stephenson, National Representative

FOUNDER OF Tennessee Technological University NOBE CHAPTER

The National Representative is Responsible for keeping NOBE Tennessee Tech up to date on National events, standards and updates.

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Dalyssa Webb, Vice President (Internal)

The Vice President (External) is instrumental in managing any and all meetings and events.



Todd Jones, Vice President (External)

The Vice President (External) is instrumental in recruiting and bringing in new members.



Kaitlyn Knight, Treasurer

The Treasurer is instrumental in managing funding and budgeting activities such as fund raisers or grant approvals.



Madeleine Reinke, Marketing Officer

The Marketing Officer is instrumental in growing our chapter and responsible for all recruiting of membership activities.

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Drew Gates, Technology Officer

The Technology Officer is responsible  of all technology related to NOBE.

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